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Like, Misunderstood
Based on a true story

Rick, the lead-singer of the London-based American rock band, The Misunderstood, is caught in a nightmare created by global forces during the sixties summer of love. The Vietnam War draft, his military father, and his school sweetheart drag Rick back from the UK, out of his sensational star-bound group and into the US Army. Unable to tolerate the violence and brain washing to kill! kill! kill!, Rick escapes from boot camp, and flees to mystical India.

Our naïve Rock-singer becomes the hunted, a fugitive with out money, country, family, or an identity. Seeking an ancient North Indian Ashram for sanctuary, this bewildered foreigner enters a tranquil land of primitive, highly regimented natives who are renounced from the world and immersed in yoga. Hoping to become spiritually transformed, Rick begins his long nightmare - unintentionally getting caught in a twisted tug-of-war between two competing Gurus.

Rick endures India for seven years in total poverty, without contact with any woman and always looking over his shoulder for officials on his trail. During this time there is war between India and Pakistan, and many hardships, in spite of which he helps build a school, and is befriended by India's top most leaders, including President V.V. Giri. Yet again his life is shattered as the Feds close in. Rick is captured by local police but he escapes and leaves India.

Destitute in Nepal during Katmandu's hippy highlight years, Rick watches the so-called Shangri-La get swept by US agents and immigration officials searching for him. Desperate, he hides in a mysterious cave-with-a-secret guarded by 115-year-old mystic, Kali Baba. Rick is then told of a hidden ruby-mine in South India, and upon arriving, stumbles onto the "Jeweled Secret!" This discovery will later destine Rick to become the foremost innovative precious-jewels designer of the 21st century.

After a perilous journey through the Bombay underworld, dealing with gangsters, and selling raw rubies, Rick returns to Nepal. Receiving inspired guidance and the magical means from mysterious Kali Baba, he continues to fulfill his new found gem design visions in exotic Bangkok. Once again at the beginning of success, fate deals Rick a blow as he is swindled by an American con-artist. Destitute in Asia, he begins his clandestine return to America after 12 years exile.

Sneaking into California Rick must surrender to authorities and face all charges against him as a fugitive deserter. He endures hearings, a return to the US Army barracks, and nail-biting twists and turns within the legal system before he is finally a free man again. A chance meeting with a lady-psychic leads to a stunning revelation of Rick's past life and the key to his story.

Hrisikesh is today recognized as the World's most innovative precious jewelry designer, with a Sri Nava Ratna Gems Museum, and World headquarters in Bangkok. He also CO-founded the Planetary Gemologists Association, now esteemed as the Globe's premier Vedic Gemology Governing Body.

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Sri Navaratna Museum, Bangkok

The Richard Shaw Brown, "Schools for Asia Foundation" is established to continue his work; to date 4 schools and a Youth Center have been built. A percent of the motion picture proceeds will also go toward developing more rural schools in the Orient.